What are the terms and conditions of my employment if hired?

Your employment with our company is “at will,” which means that either you or the Company may terminate the relationship at any time. As a new employee, you are given an introductory period of 90 days to allow you the opportunity to learn about the Company and your particular job, as well as to give your supervisor a reasonable period of time to evaluate your progress in your new position.

What should I do if I need special accommodations?

An applicant may indicate a disability, but can perform the essential job functions with or without some accommodation. Hiring managers should consult with the Human Resources Department regarding requests for accommodation.

How long is my application considered active?

Six months.

Can an offer be rescinded?

The Kane Company reserves the right to rescind or withdraw an offer, or to terminate employment, if information is misrepresented or omitted from an application form, resume, or during the interview process or if the applicant fails one of the pre-employment requirements, including reference checks, drug test or criminal background check.

What requirements must be met before an applicant receives an offer of employment?

The following requirements must be completed before you can receive an offer. (In certain cases Kane Human Resources may waive one or more of the requirements.)

  • Application submitted to Human Resources.
  • Personal interview and selection.
  • References checked for professional background and qualifications (minimum of two required).
  • Pre-employment drug test, criminal background check and, for specific positions, driver’s license and a safe driving record.
  • Verification of licensure and certification, as required. 

When is an individual formally considered an applicant?

An individual is considered an applicant when he or she applies for a specific opening and identifies the specific position of interest on the completed application form. Until the person has identified the position and completed the application form, they are considered a prospect.

What is required to be considered for employment at The Kane Company?

A completed application and/or resume.