Green Initiatives

The Kane Company is not only committed to environmental sustainability throughout our entire organization, but we are also committed to helping our customers meet their own important sustainability goals through our service offerings. Office Shredding and eCyclers can have an immediate, direct impact via paper and electronics recycling, while Office Movers, Inc.Office Installers, Inc.Kane Distribution Services, Kane Hospitality Services and Kane Government Services can support your company indirectly in their role as green initiative partners.

Our internally and externally directed programs and processes reflect our belief that greening isn't a trend, it's a corporate and personal responsibility. And as a Green Initiative company, we're working to reduce our carbon footprint and make our world a cleaner, safer place today and for future generations. The following are ways we're working to make a difference, both for our company and yours:


  • At The Kane Company, the recycling of paper goods is not limited to those containing confidential information. All paper, including newspapers, magazines and inter-office memos are thoroughly and completely shredded in order to expedite the recycling process.
  • Excess furniture and scrap metals are disassembled, sorted and recycled.
  • Used vehicle lubricants, solvents and other liquids employed in our business are properly captured, sealed and disposed of or recycled.


  • Old, out-of-date PCs, monitors, TVs, electronics, disks, cell phones and PDA's are collected and any stored information is rendered 100% destroyed and irretrievable. Our portable Vernon Hard Disk Crusher (HDC) thoroughly and completely pulverizes all hard drives and other electronic storage devices.
  • All equipment is completely disassembled and items (other than information storage) are retrieved for re-use; the remaining unusable parts are shredded, sorted and recycled.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

  • All Kane owned and operated propane forklifts are being replaced with battery-operated units.
  • Leased company vehicles are required to meet advanced EPA emissions criteria.
  • Current truck fleet is being replaced by lighter, fuel-efficient vehicles with E85 fuel capability.
  • The Kane Company is an EPA SmartWay Transport member, part of the collaboration to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases and air pollutant emissions.

Reducing Waste

  • Every Kane business unit utilizes recyclable plastic FastKrates to eliminate cardboard box waste and all excess paper is placed in shred bins for responsible recycling. At Office Movers, Inc., we have reduced the number of cardboard boxes by 67% over the last ten years.
  • The reuse of office supplies such as presentation folders, paper and binder clips, legal/letter pads, and scrap paper re-cut for use as internal notepads.
  • Reducing Word default font and margin size, reducing the amount of printing, using double-sided pages.

Extending Systems Furniture Life Expectancy and Air Quality for Employees

  • Panel systems furniture and chair sanitizing and cleaning using "green" chemicals.
  • Fabric and laminate recovering using sustainable materials.

Designing Alternative Solutions

  • Working with vendors to create a battery operated lift-gate so that while loading, truck engines need not run to power the lift.
  • Creating anti-static computer equipment transport crates from recycled plastic.
  • Pioneering the use of nylon straps and industrial rubber bands to hold furniture pads in place rather than rolls of single-use shrink wrap.

New Kane Lanham Facility

Kane Lanham is The Kane Company's new 100,000 square foot service center in Lanham, MD.  The facility has been custom built to house offices and warehouse space for 200 employees for Office Movers, Inc., Kane 3PL, and Kane Information Security.   

Environmental Features

The building was designed with the following eco-friendly technologies:

  • Employing solar technology, this efficiently-designed facility will generate 75% of its own electricity through natural light
  • State-of-the-art storm water management recycling system
  • Motion-activated light systems in offices and warehouse space 
  • Carpet made of recycled materials
  • Energy-efficient windows
  • Re-conditioned furniture that is being reused rather than disposed of in a landfill